When to Take Your Child to a Family Dentist

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When it comes to the dental care of your child, the right time for your child’s first visit to a family dentist might be sooner than you think. One survey by the Delta Dental Plans Association found that many children’s first dental visit was not until the age of two. This is later than it is recommended by many medical professionals. Read on to learn why you should consider taking your child to a family dentist at a young age.

The right time to see a family dentist

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD), a child should go to the dentist by the age of one. If the first tooth erupts before this age, then the child should go to the dentist before this time. In general, the primary teeth will grow in around the age of six months. Visiting a family dentist is important for a child. Regular visits can help the dentist find any potential issues.

Preparing a child for a visit to the dentist

If a child goes to a family dentist when the first tooth erupts, the child will most likely not be too nervous as they will be young. However, waiting until the child is older before the first dental visit can cause the child to feel nervous about the visit. There are a few things that a parent or a caregiver can do to ensure that the child has a good first experience with a family dentist:

  • Giving the child a preview: a parent can take the child to the family dentist when the parent has a general appointment. This can allow the child to see what happens
  • Learning about dentists: a parent can find online resources or books that will teach the child more about the importance of going to the dentist
  • Planning the right time: it is important to plan ahead of time so the first dental exam will not be rushed. The parent can also ensure that the child is rested, allowing the child to feel more comfortable at the visit
  • “Practicing” ahead of time: a parent can also take time to pretend to be the dentist for the child and switch roles. The parent and child can examine each other’s mouths using a mirror. This will allow the child to both understand what goes on in a dental examination and to know what a dental examination feels like

Visit a family dentist near you today

It is important for you to take your child to a family dentist as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts. This will allow the child to get used to the idea of regular dental visits, which can be important for the future. Regular dental visits from a young age can also help the dentist to keep an eye on any potential issues that may negatively impact the child’s oral health in later years. Visiting a family dentist today can help you ensure that your child’s teeth will remain strong.

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